The Best of the Rest

On this page you'll find all the albums that just couldn't get in the Top 50 of Canterbury Albums, including classics such as Gilgamesh's first album, The Muffins' Manna/Mirage, Hopper's 1984, Frith's Gravity, Soft Heap & Ayers' The Confession of Dr. Dream.

You can always cast your vote by sending me your top 10 and turn these classic Canterbury records into real Canterbury classics - mail you top 10 to Hulloder.

Best of the Rest

Artist Album Title Score
Slapp Happy/Henry Cow Desperate Straights 36-6
Robert Wyatt Dondestan 35-8
Soft Machine Bundles 33-5
Soft Machine Virtually 28-4
Richard Sinclair R.S.V.P. 27-9
Bruford One Of A Kind 27-5
Quiet Sun Mainstream 27-5
Kevin Ayers Bananamour 26-7
Soft Machine Noisette 25-3
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh 24-5
Henry Cow Western Culture 24-5
Hopper & Gowen Two Rainbows Daily 24-5
Soft Machine Triple Echo 24-3
Kevin Ayers Confession Of Dr. Dream 23-5
Robert Wyatt Nothing Can Stop Us 23-5
Gilgamesh Another Fine Tune You Got Me Into 23-4
Art Bears Winter Songs 23-3
Robert Wyatt Old Rottenhat 22-8
Caravan The Best Of Caravan Live 22-4
Keith Tippett Group You Are Here... I Am There 21-4
Gong Magick Brother, Mystic Sister 21-3
Kevin Ayers Rainbow Takeaway 20-4
In Cahoots Parallel 20-3
Camel Snow Goose 18-5
Phil Miller Cutting Both Ways 18-3
Camel Breathless 17-2
In Cahoots Live 1986-1989 17-2
Gong Shamal 16-6
Bruford Feels Good To Me 16-4
Fred Frith Gravity 16-4
Julie Driscoll 1969 16-3
Dirk Campbell Music From A Round Tower 16-2
Art Bears Hopes and Fears 15-4
Soft Machine Live at the Proms 15-3
Elton Dean Elton Dean/Just Us 14-4
Hugh Hopper 1984 14-3
Kevin Ayers Yes, We Have No Mananas 14-2
Gong Gazeuse 14-2
Caravan Canterbury Tales '76 13-2
Soft Machine Live in France 13-2
Slapp Happy Sort Of 12-5
Camel Moonmadness 12-4
Hopper/Dean/Tippett/Gallivan Mercy Dash 12-4
Camel Rain Dances 12-3
Caravan BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert 12-3
Slapp Happy Casablanca Moon (aka Slapp Happy) 12-2
Kevin Ayers Singing The Bruise 11-3
Lol Coxhill Ear of the Beholder 11-2
Kevin Ayers a.o. June 1, 1974 10-2
Cassiber Perfect Worlds 10-2
Steve Hillage Green 10-2
Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin Up From The Dark 10-2
Anthony More Flying Doesn't Help 10-1
Gowen, Miller, Sinclair, Tomkins Before A Word Is Said 9-3
Steve Hillage Motivation Radio 9-2
Miller & Coxhill Coxhill/Miller 9-2
Muffins Manna/Mirage 9-2
National Health Missing Pieces 9-2
Nucleus We'll Talk About It Later 9-2
Caravan Caravan And The New Symphonia 9-1
Fred Frith Speechless 9-1
Gongmaison Gong Maison 9-1
McLaughlin & Surman Extrapolation 9-1
Fred Frith Guitar Solos 8-2
Hugh Hopper & Richard Sinclair Somewhere In France 8-2
Hugh Hopper Best Soft 8-2
Mike Oldfield Ommadawn 8-2
Peter Blegvad The Naked Shakespeare 8-1
Soft Machine Alive and Well 8-1
Robert Wyatt Mid-Eighties 8-1
Daevid Allen Banana Moon 7-2
Phil Miller Digging In 7-2
Kevin Ayers Odd Ditties 7-1
Carla Bley Tropic Appetites 7-1
Caravan Battle of Hastings 7-1
Elton Dean Two's And Three's 7-1
Gong Live Etc. 7-1
Slapp Happy Acnalbasac Noom 7-1
Robert Wyatt Cuckooland 7-1
Hugh Hopper Band Carousel 6-3
Caravan Cunning Stunts 6-2
Pip Pyle Seven Year Itch 6-2
Soft Machine BBC Radio One Live in Concert Volume 1 6-2
Soft Machine BBC Radio 1967-1971 6-2
Arzachel Arzachel 6-1
Ghoulies Dogged by Dogma 6-1
John Greaves Parrot Fashion 6-1
Pere Ubu The Tenement Years 6-1
Soft Heap A Veritable Centaur 6-1
Soft Machine Facelift 6-1
Soft Head Rogue Element 5-3
Allen/Smyth/Williamson The Owl and The Tree 5-1
Asylum Cressida 5-1
Peter Blegvad Just Woke Up 5-1
Camel Dust And Dreams 5-1
Clearlight Visions (re-recorded version) 5-1
In Cahoots Recent Discoveries 5-1
Ian Carr Belladonna 5-1
Planet Gong Live Floating Anarchy 5-1
David Sinclair Moon Over Man 5-1
Soft Machine Out-Bloody Rageous 5-1
Steps Steps 5-1
Surman & Warren Tales of the Algonquin 5-1
Syd Barrett The Madcap Laughs 4-2
News From Babel Letters Home 4-2
Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin Spin 4-2
UK UK 4-2
Daevid Allen Now Is The Happiest Time Of Your Life 4-1
Anaid Belladonna 4-1
Backdoor Backdoor 4-1
Carla Bley Tropical Appetites 4-1
Jack Bruce Songs for a Tailor 4-1
Fred Frith Step Across The Border 4-1
Frith/Cutler Live In Berlin,Trondheim, Limoges 4-1
Gowen & Hopper Improvisations/Bracknell-Bresse 4-1
Steve Hillage Rainbow Dome Music 4-1
Hopper & Hewins Adreamor 4-1
National Health Playtime 4-1
Ovary Lodge Ovary Lodge 4-1
John G. Perry Seabird 4-1
Keith Tippett A Loose Kite Floating in the Gentle Wind... 4-1
Muffins Chronometers 3-2
Daevid Allen Je Ne Fum' Pas Des Bananes 3-1
Bruford Gradually Going Tornado 3-1
Camel Camel 3-1
Camel Nude 3-1
Clearlight Mosaique In Your Hands 3-1
Lindsay Cooper Oh Moscow 3-1
Gong Expresso II 3-1
John Greaves Songs 3-1
Phil Miller & In Cahoots All That 3-1
Pere Ubu Cloudland 3-1
Slapp Happy Ça Va 3-1
Julie Tippetts Sunset Glow 3-1
Various Artists New Violin Summit 3-1
The Battered Ornaments Mantle Piece 2-1
Caravan Blind Dog At St.Dunstans 2-1
Cassiber Man or Monkey 2-1
Elton Dean Silent Knowledge 2-1
Deep Purple Deep Purple 2-1
Delivery Fools' Meeting 2-1
Gilgamesh Arriving Twice 2-1
John Greaves La Petite Bouteille De Linge 2-1
Steve Hillage L 2-1
Steve Hillage BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert 2-1
Hughscore Delta Flora 2-1
Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath 2-1
News From Babel Work Resumed On The Tower 2-1
Polite Force Canterbury Knights 2-1
Soft Heap Soft Heap 2-1
Soft Machine BBC Radio One Live in Concert Volume 2 2-1
Soft Machine BBC Radio 1971-1974 2-1
Trio Conflagration 2-1
Wilde Flowers Wilde Flowers 2-1
Kevin Ayers That's What You Get Babe 1-1
Caravan Songs for Oblivion Fishermen 1-1
Dashiell Hedayat Obsolete 1-1
Here & Now Floating Anarchy 1-1
Allan Holdsworth Sand 1-1
Lady June Linguistic Leprosy 1-1
The Lodge Smell Of A Friend 1-1
Phil Miller Split Seconds 1-1
Missus Beastly Missus Beastly 1-1
Tom Newman Fine Old Tom 1-1
Dudu Pukwana Diamond Express 1-1
Short Wave Live 1-1
Soft Machine Softs 1-1
Soft Machine Spaced 1-1
Various Artists Miniatures 1-1
Volare The Uncertainty Principle 1-1
Mike Westbrook Metropolis 1-1
Robert Wyatt Theatre Royal Drury Lane 8th September 1974 1-1