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Update January 2nd 2004

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****** 2002 Releases ******

New releases 2003

This list contains albums released in 2003 by Soft Machine members or featuring them, archival Soft Machine releases, and other albums that might interest fans.

  • Kevin Ayers - Complete backcatalogue re-issue series (EMI)
    Excellent job by Mark Powell - who brought us the Caravan re-issues last year. Ayers his backcatalogue (well, at least his first four albums) will be re-issued with bonustracks and enhanced audio. Streetdate 9 May 2003.

    Kevin Ayers - Joy of a Toy/Shooting at the Moon/Whatevershebringswesing/Bananamour


    Joy of a Toy:

    1. Religious Experience (aka Singing a Song in the Morning) (Syd Barrett session)
    2. Lady Rachael (USA remix)
    3. Soon Soon Soon (from Odd Ditties)
    4. Religious Experience (aka Singing a Song in the Morning) (take 103)
    5. Lady Rachael (single edit)
    6. Singing A Song In The Morning (from Odd Ditties, 1970 single)

    Shooting at the Moon:

    1. Gemini Child (from Odd Ditties)
    2. Puis Je? (from Odd Ditties)
    3. Butterfly Dance (from Odd Ditties)
    4. Jolie Madame (from Odd Ditties)
    5. Hat (take 4) (outtake)


    1. Stars (from Odd Ditties)
    2. Donít Sing No More Sad Songs (from Odd Ditties)
    3. Fake Mexican Tourist Blue (from Odd Ditties)
    4. Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes (early mix)


    1. Connie On A Rubber Band (from Odd Ditties)
    2. Decadence (early mix)
    3. Take Me To Tahiti (from Odd Ditties)
    4. Caribbean Moon (from Odd Ditties)

  • Syd Barrett - Vegetable Man (Oggetti Volanti)
    Ten seconds of Hopper doing his part in a Syd Barrett tribute 10" on an Italian label.

  • Bone (Nick Didkovsky/Hugh Hopper/John Roulat) - Uses Wrist Grab (Cuneiform)
    New Hopper project for sale 1/may/2003. Nick Didkovsky is leader of Doctor Nerve, Roulat is drummer of Forever Einstein. Excellent album. Recommended. Bone Website

  • Elton Dean's Ninesense - Live at the BBC (Hux)
    Amazingly someone shows interest for Elton's recorded seventies legacy. I hope this will lead to more archival releases... Two BBC sessions on one CD to be released 29 of september. One from 1975 and one from 1978; Update 13/09/2003: has been released first of september. Got my copy this week and the music is stunning. This makes you wonder why the two Ninesense albums on Ogun has still to be released on CD...

    From Hux website:

    This album is comprised of two sessions recorded by BBC Radio 3's Jazz In Britain programme and contains the first recording of the band, as well as almost the last. It has a total running time of 55 minutes and the accompanying 8 page booklet features a brief note from Elton Dean, plus extensive liner notes by The Times' jazz critic, Alyn Shipton.

    Track listing

    1) Dancin' 2) Soothing 3) Sweet Francesca 4) Bidet Bebop

    Recorded 19th May 1975 for Jazz In Britain, BBC Radio 3

    Mongezi Feza (pocket trumpet); Marc Charig (cornet, tenor horn); Radu Malfatti, Paul Nieman (trombone); Elton Dean (alto saxophone, saxello); Alan Skidmore (tenor saxophone); Keith Tippett (piano); Harry Miller (bass); Louis Moholo (drums).

    5) Nicra 6) Seven For Me

    Recorded 17th March 1978 for Jazz In Britain, BBC Radio 3.

    Harry Beckett (trumpet); Marc Charig (cornet, tenor horn); Nick Evans, Radu Malfatti (trombone); Elton Dean (alto saxophone, saxello); Alan Skidmore (tenor saxophone); Keith Tippett (piano, celeste); Harry Miller (bass); Louis Moholo (drums).

  • Hugh Hopper - Jazzloops (Burning Shed)
    First in a series of loop-CDs. Released January 2003. It features mangled contributions from Robert Wyatt, Elton Dean and John Marshall (amongst many others). Amazing album, only for sale at Burning Shed and assorted online stores like The Artist Shop.


    T3 Simon Picard (sax) Christine Janet (tpt, vx)
    Afrik HH (fuzz bass) Simon Picard (sax)
    Garrisoi HH (vx) Simon Picard (sax) Christine Janet (tpt) Francois Verly (tabla)
    Sfrankl Didier Malherbe (sax) Steve Franklin (synth) Pip Pyle (dms)
    ACLoop HH (fuzz bass) John Marshall (dms) Elton Dean (sax)
    Calmozart Pierre-Olivier Govin (sax) Didier Malherbe (vx) HH (fuzz bass, gtr,vx) John Marshall (dms)
    Aintpo Pierre-Olivier Govin (sax) HH (gtr, Hammond org)
    1212 Pierre-Olivier Govin (sax) Patrice Meyer (gtr) Kim Weemhoff (dms)
    Digwot Pierre-Olivier Govin (sax) Robert Wyatt (vx, pno)
    L4 Pierre-Olivier Govin (sax) HH (gtr) Francois Verly (dms)
    Nigepo Pierre-Olivier Govin (sax) HH (gtr) Nigel Morris (dms)

  • Hugh Hopper & Julian Whitfield - In a Dubious Manner (Burning Shed)
    Just out (September 2003) this is Hugh's second Burning Shed album. Described as: "In a Dubious Manner presents the more playful side of Hugh Hopper's work. In collaboration with Julian Whitfield, Hugh creates an off-kilter contemporary music infused by blues, Trip Hop and a warped English take on Americana." For sale only at the Burning Shed site.

  • Phil Miller/In Cahoots - All That (Cuneiform)
    Recorded in January and released in September 2003 by Cuneiform after Steve F saw them perform on the Seattle festival last year. Update: release listed at Cuneiform website.

  • Nucleus - Pretty Redhead (Hux Records)
    Two BBC Sessions on the excellent Hux label, release date april 2003. Recommended for Soft Machine fans. Latest updates on the Unofficial Ian Carr + Nucleus website.

  • Nucleus - Live in Bremen (Cuneiform)
    A previously unreleased live-recording. Nucleus feat. Jenkins and Marshall, a 2 disc set, release date 1/may/2003. Latest updates on the Unofficial Ian Carr + Nucleus website.

  • Nucleus - In Flagrante Delicto (BGO)
    Finally released early november 2003 and not a twoofer as was expected. Alleycat will follow on a seperate disc.

  • Polysoft - Tribute to Soft Machine (Le Triton)
    Aymeric Leroy in WR#200: "...A brilliant live set by PolySofts, the "Franglo" tribute band reviving the classic Soft Machine repertoire, featuring Hugh Hopper and special guest Elton Dean." Update 5/5/2003: The PolySoft album is ready, being manufactured, to be released in time for the Tritonales festival in Paris where the band will re-assemble once more to celebrate the album's release with 2 shows on May 29th/30th. (thanks to Aymeric Leroy for this information). Released end of May.

  • Sigmatropic - Sixteen Haiku And Other Stories (Tongue Master)
    Wyatt guests on one track of this album by Greek band Sigmatropic. Released 6/10/2003.

  • Soft Machine - Third (Sony France)
    Millennium Edition digipack. Released 25th of January 2003. Unfortunately this is not a re-mastered issue, just the Rewind-series version with a new cover.

  • Soft Machine - BBC Radio 1967-1971 (Hux Records)

    BBC Radio 1967-1971 HUXO37 2-CD [Released 31.03.03]
    Soft Machine's complete BBC sessions will finally see the light of day this year.

    They will be released across two Hux albums, which have both been compiled with the help of the band, who have been fully involved at every stage of development.

    This first volume contains all the sessions recorded for John Peel's 'Top Gear' programme. This features several previously unreleased recordings, including the 1967 session with Kevin Ayers on bass, guitar and vocals. The running order is mostly chronological, but has been tinkered with by Robert Wyatt, "for reasons of aural satisfaction".

    The cover design features an abstract 'photograph' by Robert Wyatt and the booklet includes a liner note each from Hugh Hopper and Kevin Ayers. It also has detailed liner notes by Mark Ellingham and several band pictures by the great photographer, Mark Ellidge.

    Volume 2 (Peel Sessions 1971-1973) will follow later this year.

    Track listing:

    Disc 1

    1. Clarence In Wonderland
    2. We Know What You Mean
    3. Certain Kind
    4. Hope For Happiness
    5. Strangest Scene
    Recorded 05.12.67

    6. Facelift/Mousetrap/Noisette/Backwards/Mousetrap Reprise
    7. The Moon In June
    Recorded 10.06.69

    8. Instant Pussy
    Recorded 10.11.69

    9. Slightly All The Time/Out Bloody Rageous/Eamonn Andrews
    Recorded 04.05.70

    Disc 2

    1. Virtually
    2. Fletcher's Blemish
    Recorded 15.12.70

    3. Neo-Caliban Grides
    4. Dedicated To You But You Weren't Listening
    5. Eamonn Andrews/All White
    Recorded 26.06.70

    6. Mousetrap/Noisette/Backwards/Mousetrap Reprise/Esther's Nose Job
    Recorded 10.11.69

  • Soft Machine - BBC Radio Volume 2 (Peel Sessions 1971-1973) (Hux Records)
    Confirmed to be released later this year. Update 5/5/2003: Exact tracklist to be determined soon. Included are possibly the sessions from Nov 15 1971, half of the July 11 1972 session ("Fanfare" / "All White" / "M.C." / "Drop", but not "Stumble" / "L.B.O." / "As If"), and the whole of the Oct 30 1973 session. Another session has surfaced as well and might or might not be included (thanks to Aymeric Leroy for this information). The BBC Sessions page has been updated accordingly. Update 19/08/2003: release date 29/09/2003. Tracklisting finally confirmed.

    From Hux website:

    Following the successful release earlier this year of HUX037, this second volume now completes the set of Soft Machine's BBC sessions.

    Recorded between 1971 & 1974, this double CD includes 3 Peel sessions, plus one session recorded for BBC Radio 3's Jazz In Britain' programme. With the exception of the first two tracks here, none of these recordings have ever been released before.

    This compilation provides striking evidence of the pace at which the band was changing during this period. It plots a drastic change in the sound of the band, from their free jazz leanings of 1971 to the jazz rock fusion of '74.

    This album has been compiled with the full help of the band, who have been fully involved at every stage of development. The 12 page full colour booklet includes rare photographs from the band's own archive, plus a brief note from Soft Machine's John Marshall.

    Track listing:

    Disc 1

    1) As If 2) Drop 3) Welcome To Frillsville

    Peel Session 15.11.71.
    (line up: Elton Dean, Hugh Hopper, Phil Howard, Mike Ratledge)

    4) Fanfare/All White/MC/Drop

    Peel Session 11.04.72
    (line-up: Hugh Hopper, Karl Jenkins, John Marshall, Mike Ratledge)

    5) Stanley Stamp's Gibbon Album 6) Hazard Profile (part 1)

    Peel Session 30.10.73
    (line-up: Roy Babbington, Karl Jenkins, John Marshall, Mike Ratledge)

    Disc 2

    5) Sinepost 6) Down The Road

    Peel Session 30.10.73
    (line-up: Roy Babbington, Karl Jenkins, John Marshall, Mike Ratledge)

    9) North Point (3.00) 10) The Man Who Waved At Trains 11) Hazard Profile (parts 1, 2, 3 & 4)

    'Jazz In Britain', BBC Radio 3 10.06.74
    (line-up: , Roy Babbington, Allan Holdsworth, Karl Jenkins, John Marshall, Mike Ratledge)

  • Soft Machine - Kings of Canterbury (Snapper/Recall)
    Release date set 26/may/2003. Collection of tracks previously released by Voiceprint.


    Disc 1

    Dada Was Here
    Thank You Pierrot Lunaire
    Have You Ever Been Green?
    Pataphysical Introduction Pt II
    As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still
    Fire Engine Passing With Bells Clanging
    Hibou, Anemone And Bear
    Fire Engine Passing With Bells Clanging (Reprise)
    Moon In June

    Disc 2

    Slightly All The Time
    Moustrap (Reprise)
    Eamonn Andrews
    Esther's Nose Job
    Pigling Bland
    I Should've Known
    Esther's Nose Job (Reprise)
    Orange Skin Food
    A Door Opens And Closes
    10.30 Returns To The Bedroom

  • Soft Works - Abracadabra (Moonjune/Tone Center)
    Hugh and Elton together with Holdsworth and Marshall! Japanese release set 5th of March 2003 on Universal Japan, rest of the world late spring 2003. If you can't wait Audiophile Imports offers an import for close to 30 bucks. Update: to be released by Shrapnel Records, released 29/07/2003 (finally!).

    (from Moonjune website):
    1. Seven Formerly (Elton Dean/John Marshall)
    2. First Trane (Hugh Hopper)
    3. Elsewhere (Hugh Hopper)
    4. K Licks (Phil Miller)
    5. Baker's Treat (Elton Dean)
    6. Willie's Knee (Elton Dean)
    7. Abracadabra (Hugh Hopper/John Marshall)
    8. Madame Vintage (Allan Holdsworth/John Marshall)

  • Theo Travis - View from the Edge (2CD reissue) (33 Jazz)
    Theo Travis is an English sax-player who played with Gong a.o. On this album (oiginally released in 1994) he is joined by guests like Jeff Clyne and John Marshall. The second CD contains - among other goodies - a remix of a Travis track by Hugh Hopper. Release date 14/07/2003.

  • Various Artists - Old Grey Whistle Test Volume 2 (DVD) (BBC)
    Second compilation of Old Grey Whistle Test performances includes Kevin Ayers performing "May I?" with Mike Oldfield, Lol Coxhill, David Bedford, David Fincher. DVD also includes a recent interview of Kevin commenting on the OGWT in general and his performance in particular.

  • Robert Wyatt - Solar Flares Burn For You (1972-1974) (Cuneiform)
    From the Cuneiform newsletter: "9/03 Cuneiform release of his two Top Gear sessions + a short film soundtrack as well as the film itself. Licensed from Robert & the BBC!". This will be the Peel Session previously available from Strange Fruit as an mini-CD, recorded solo in 1974 and the amazing Wyatt/Monkman session from 1972 of which one track surfaces on the Flotsam Jetsam album. The movie is an experimental piece called "Solar Flares Burn For You" with music composed by Wyatt. Furthermore we have confiramtion that another track will be added, a recent collaboration by Hugh Hopper and Wyatt, apparently because Wyatt thought of the CD to be "too short"....; Update 5/5/2003: The bonus stuff will include not one but two collaborations with Hugh Hopper (Robert performing on cornet and synth), and a demo of a new song by Robert (him on vocals and keys), the "definitive" version of which may or may not end up on his next album (thanks to Aymeric Leroy for this information).

    (as confirmed by Steve F. from Cuneiform):
    1. Alifib
    1. Soup Song
    3. Sea Song
    4. I'm A Believer (1-4 Peel Session 1974)
    5. Blimey O'Riley (w/ Hugh Hopper winter 2002/2003)
    6. Solar Flares Burn For You (film soundtrack 1973)
    7. God Song
    8. Fol De Rol
    9. Little Child
    10. We Got An Arts Council Grant
    11. Righteous Rhumba (7-11 w/ Francis Monkman BBC 1972)
    12. 'Twas Brillig (w/ Hugh Hopper winter 2002/2003)
    13. The Verb (demo 2003)

  • Robert Wyatt - Best Selection - Strange Days Loves Robert Wyatt (unknown)
    Releasedate September 2003. Most likely a Japanese-only Best Of CD. 15 tracks. Update: should be out now and as a Japanese release is extremely hard to find.

    1. Sea Song
    2. Little Red Robin Hoot Hit The Road
    3. Solar Flares
    4. At Last I Am Free
    5. Aranco
    6. The Age Of Self
    7. P.L.A.
    8. Worship
    9. Heap Of Sheeps
    10. Free Will And Testament
    11. Alien
    12. Shipbuilding
    13. Memories Of You
    14. Muddy Mouse
    15. I'm A Believer

  • Robert Wyatt - Cuckooland (Hannibal)
    Expected to be released sometime in 2003. Update 5/5/2003: Aymeric Leroy got a fax from Robert in january stating : "I hope to finish recording enough for a CD this year". Sessions involving Karen Mantler took place last summer. Update 19/7/2003: rumours are that an album named "Cuckooland" is going to be released by Wyatt in september 2003; update 31/7/03: Rykodisc has confirmed that "Cuckooland" is a new Wyatt album and will be released on 29/9/2003. Guests include Brian Eno, David Gilmour and Paul Weller; Update 06/09/2003: Details info available as shown below. Update 9/11/2003: out now and amazing.

    Tracklisting and info
    (thanks to Aymeric Leroy):

    * * * * *


    HNCD 1468

    recorded at Phil Manzanera's GALLERY STUDIO, London in summer 2002, and spring 2003
    engineered by Jamie Johnson except for parts of tracks 1,2,3,8,9,12,15 recorded by Robert Wyatt at home in Louth

    produced by Robert Wyatt and Jamie Johnson

    1. JUST A BIT (Robert Wyatt) Rykomusic
    Robert Wyatt voice, coronet, keyboard
    Gilad Atzmon soprano sax
    Annie Whitehead trombone

    2. OLD EUROPE (Alfreda Benge/Robert Wyatt) Rykomusic
    Robert Wyatt voice, trumpet, keyboards, drums
    Gilad Atzmon alto and tenor saxes, clarinet

    3. TOM HAY'S FOX (Robert Wyatt) Rykomusic
    Robert Wyatt voice, trumpet, keyboard
    Tomo Hayakawa guitar
    Tomo Noro voice
    Brian Eno the last note

    4. FOREST (Alfreda Benge/Robert Wyatt) Rykomusic
    Robert Wyatt voice, keyboards, percussion
    David Gilmour guitar
    Yaron Stavi double bass
    Alfreda Benge voice
    Brian Eno voice
    Jamie Johnson voice

    5. BEWARE (Karen Mantler) Grogkill Music
    Robert Wyatt voice, trumpet, keyboards, percussion
    Karen Mantler voice, harmonica, keyboard
    Michael Evans eight bars drums

    6. CUCKOO MADAME (Alfreda Benge/Robert Wyatt) Rykomusic
    Robert Wyatt voice, keyboards, Karenotron, percussion

    7. RAINING IN MY HEART (Bryant and Bryant) Acuff Rose Music Ltd.
    Robert Wyatt piano

    8. HAMZA (Alfreda Benge/Robert Wyatt) Rykomusic
    Robert Wyatt voice, keyboards, percussion
    Annie Whitehead trombone
    Jennifer Maidman accordion

    9. TRICKLE DOWN (Robert Wyatt) Rykomusic
    Robert Wyatt voice, trumpet, piano, cymbals, Eno's toys
    Gilad Atzmon tenor sax samples from 'Old Europe'
    Annie Whitehead trombone
    Yaron Stavi double bass
    Phil Manzanera voice

    10. INSENSATEZ (Antonio Carlos Jobim) Universal/MCA Music Ltd
    Robert Wyatt voice, percussion
    Karen Mantler voice, harmonica, piano, Karenotron
    Gilad Atzmon flute, clarinet
    Yaron Stavi double bass

    11. MISTER E (Karen Mantler) Grogkill Music
    Robert Wyatt voice, trumpet, keyboards
    Karen Mantler voice, harmonica

    12. LULLALOOP (Alfreda Benge) Rykomusic
    Robert Wyatt voice, cornet, keyboards, percussion
    Paul Weller guitar
    Annie Whitehead trombone
    Jamie Johnson bass guitar
    Alfreda Benge voice

    13. LIFE IS SHEEP (Karen Mantler) Grogkill Music)
    Robert Wyatt voice, trumpet, keyboards, percussion
    Karen Mantler voice, harmonica

    14. FOREIGN ACCENTS (Robert Wyatt) Rykomusic
    Robert Wyatt voice, piano
    Annie Whitehead trombone
    Yaron Stavi double bass

    15. BRIAN THE FOX (Robert Wyatt) Rykomusic
    Robert Wyatt voice, cornet, trumpet, keyboard
    Annie Whitehead trombone

    16. LA AHADA YALAM (No-One Knows) (Nizar Zreik) Acum
    Robert Wyatt keyboard
    Jennifer Maidman acoustic guitar
    Gilad Atzmon flute, clarinet
    Yaron Stavi double bass

  • Robert Wyatt - MW4 (In Polysons)
    New Robert Wyatt / Jean-Michel Marchetti book M4W : 16 texts by Robert (with their French translation) with 6 drawings by JMM. Included is a CD with unreleased tracks by Robert.


    1/ Afghanistan's A Country Or At Last Used To Be 3:37
    2/ Fridge 3:45
    3/ When Access Was A Noun 3:25
    4/ Salt / Ivy 4:17
    5/ Signed Curtain 4:17
    6/ Afghanistan...Alix 1:56