Soft Releases 2002

Update September 28th 2003

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New releases 2002

This list contains albums released in 2002 by Soft Machine members or featuring them, archival Soft Machine releases, and other albums that might interest fans. Please note this does not contain all Soft-related releases from 2002 since I used to remove old entries instead of archiving them.

  • David Gilmour - David Gilmour in Concert DVD (Capitol)
    Recording of Gilmour's Meltdown Festival concert. Wyatt makes his first stage-appearance since 25 years singing part of the lead on "Comfortably Numb". Released 21/10/2002.

  • Matching Mole - March (Cuneiform)
    Live concert from March 1972. Good archival release. Release 17/09/2002.

  • Nucleus - Solar Plexus/Belladonna (BGO)
  • Nucleus - Labyrinth/Roots (BGO)
  • Nucleus - Under the Sun/Snakehips Etcetera (BGO)
    Released November/December 2002, this is pretty much all of the 70s output by this Miles Davis influenced band led by Ian Carr. Early lineup included Jenkins/Marshall, later Dave MacRae, Allan Holdsworth joined. Latest news: these CDs seem to sell extremely well in Japan and Europe. Latest updates on the Unofficial Ian Carr + Nucleus website.Update: it appears that the last two re-issues were delayed and have only recently been released (mid june 2003); Update 12/08: all have been re-issued, only one awaiting is seperated and listed below.

  • Soft Machine - Backwards (Cuneiform)
    Released May 2002, another archival release by Cuneiform. Contains a 30+ minutes set by the classic quartet (1970), a recording by the septet (1969) and the complete Moon in June demo (20 minutes) from 1968. UPDATE: A better version of the Moon in June demo has been discovered and will appear on all future pressings (thanks to Aymeric Leroy for this information).

  • Soft Machine - Facelift (Voiceprint)
    2CD with complete 1970 live concert from the Softies. Although this was recorded at the Fairfield Hall, it is *not* the same concert as the one on Noisette. Quality is not great but if you expect a decent bootleg, you will not be disappointed.

  • Various Artists - No More..... No Mourir (In Poly Sons)
    Anti-war compilation featuring Wyatt singing an updated version of Dondestan with Afghanistan replacing Palestine, also with tracks by Pascal Comelade.