"First of all, I am a real Minimalist, because I don't do very much. I know some minimalists who call themselves minimalist but they do loads of minimalism. That is cheating. I really don't do very much."
Robert Wyatt

Updated November 3rd 2000

The ultimate Robert Wyatt Discography

This discography is divided into seven sections:

And there's:

thanks go out to Mike King, writer of the book "Wrong Movements", that was used for these pages and to Jeroen Hollenkamp for most of the typing. More thank yous to Michael Bjorn, Vaccaro Domenico, Jan van Driel, Gennaro, Hidetake Miyasaki & Michel Ramond

If you want to know everything about Robert Wyatt, buy Mike King's Wrong Movements, SAF Publishing. Order it from Cuneiform Records.

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