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Soft Machine 1 - Profile on Calyx
Soft Machine 2 - Soft Machine site, part of it in Dutch.
Soft Machine 3 - Great page with a list of all concerts, lots of concertposters are included.
Soft Machine 4 - Japanese Soft Machine page.
Soft Machine 5 - Another Japanese Soft Machine page, including a discography with several details about bootlegs.
Soft Machine 6 - Not only Soft Machine, more a Japanese Canterbury page.
Soft Machine 7 - Lots of Soft Machine information, pictures and reviews.

Kevin Ayers

Kevin Ayers 1 - Official Home Page for his upcoming album (NEW!)
Kevin Ayers 2 - Why Are We Sleeping Fanzine
Kevin Ayers 3 - Profile on Calyx

The Whole World
David Bedford - Website dedicated to Bedford
Lol Coxhill 1 - Biography & discography on the European Free Improvisation Pages
Lol Coxhill 2 - Official homepage (NEW!)
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Web

Syd Barrett - Dolly Rocker Website
Ollie Halsall - Ollie Halsall archive (NEW!)
Ladybug Transistor - Kevin's current backing band (NEW!)
Wizards of Twiddly - Kevin's backing band in the nineties (NEW!)

Elton Dean (1945-2006)

Elton Dean 1 - Profile on Calyx
Elton Dean 2 - Great interview by Stephen Yarwood.

Carla Bley - Official website (NEW!)
Sophia Domancich - Official website (NEW!)
Mujician - The Mind Your Own Music website
Alan Skidmore - Official "El Skid" site (NEW!)
Keith Tippett - Biography & discography on the European Free Improvisation Pages
Wrong Object - Belgian band who performed with Elton, Live CD in the works (NEW!)

Lyn Dobson

Lyn Dobson - One page discography and career overview (NEW!)

John Etheridge

John Etheridge - Official site (NEW!)

Allan Holdsworth

Allan Holdsworth 1 - Official website (NEW!)
Allan Holdsworth 2 - The complete discography
Allan Holdsworth 3 - Profile on Calyx

Hugh Hopper

Hugh Hopper 1 - Official site on Burning Shed
Hugh Hopper 2 - Profile on Calyx
Hugh Hopper 3 - Hugh's own gig list, kept up-to-date.

Bone - Website on the Doctor Nerve Network
Caveman Shoestore - Record company's Website (NEW!)
Conglomerate - Website of Tim Crowther, Steve Franklin and Tony Marsh (NEW!)
Glass - Official website (NEW!)
Kramer - Official website (NEW!)
NDIO - Homepage of Frank v/d Kooij's project
Stomu Yamash'ta - Homepage

Karl Jenkins

Karl Jenkins 1 - Profile on Calyx
Karl Jenkins 2 - Official Jenkins site

Mike Ratledge

Mike Ratledge - Profile on Calyx

Theo Travis

Theo Travis - Official site of new saxplayer of the Soft Machine Legacy (NEW!)

Robert Wyatt

Robert Wyatt 1 - Strong Comet's Wyatt Pages
Robert Wyatt 2 - Profile on Calyx
Robert Wyatt 3 - An illustrated and very complete Robert Wyatt discography

Kevin Coyne - Homepage
Brian Eno - The EnoWeb
David Gilmour - Official website
Michael Mantler - Official Mantler website (NEW!)
Phil Manzanera - The Official Phil Manzanera Homepage
Roxy Music - Viva Roxy Music!



Peter Blegvad - Homepage
Caravan - Official site
Ian Carr & Nucleus - Unofficial fansite
Chris Cutler - Official website (NEW!)
Fred Frith 1 - The official Fred Frith website
Fred Frith 2 - The Fred Frith discography
Gong - Gong Appreciation Society (GAS)
John Greaves - Official website (NEW!)
Hatfield and the North - Official site (NEW!)
Phil Miller - Official site
The Muffins - A history of The Muffins
Pip Pyle - Personal website (NEW!)
Richard Sinclair - Official site
Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin - Official homepage

English jazz

Neil Ardley - Official website (NEW!)
Graham Collier - Jazz Continuum, Official website (NEW!)
Mike Gibbs - Discography
Evan Parker - Discography
John Surman - Official website (NEW!)
Trevor Watts - Official website (NEW!)
Mike Westbrook - Official website (NEW!)
European Free Improvisation Pages - Biographies & discographies


start here:
Calyx - The Canterbury Website - Extensive site

Facelift Magazine - Legendary Canterbury magazine, now partly online (NEW!)
Collapso - Canterbury family trees
Fol de Rol - Japanese fansite with discographies including bootlegs
The Canterbury Top 50 - Vote for your favourite Canterbury albums
Ultimate Canterbury Discography - On Calyx Website

in general:
All Music Guide
Philm Freax Digital Archive
The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock (GEPR)


Beat Goes On (BGO) - Nucleus (NEW!)
Burning Shed - Mark Hewins, Hugh Hopper, Hatfield and the North
Cuneiform - Soft Machine, Hopper, Dean, Miller, etc
Eclectic - Egg, Khan, Caravan, etc (NEW!)
FMR - English jazz (NEW!)
Hux - BBC sessions, Soft Machine, Dean, Ayers and lots more (NEW!)
Market Square - Kevin Ayers (NEW!)
MLP - Soft Machine, Gong (NEW!)
Moonjune - Elton Dean, Soft Works, Legacy, Soft Machine
ReR - Chris Cutler's label
SLAM - George Haslam's label, Elton Dean
Le Triton - Polysoft, Soft Bounds (NEW!)
Vocalion - English jazz (NEW!)
Voiceprint - Soft Machine, Hopper, Wyatt, Dean, etc


The Artist Shop - Mailorder, good selection
Music by Mail - European Mailorder, good selection
Verge Music Distribution - Canadian mailorder, good selection
Wayside Music - Cuneiform's mailorder

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