"The best things are when you're not aware of the instrument - your brain goes straight to the notes; you don't even think about the fingers and strings. I'd like to be there more often."
Hugh Hopper

Updated January 5th 2004

The ultimate Hugh Hopper Discography

This discography is divided into four sections:

and then there's:

There are some gaps in this discography. Hopefully you can help me fill them. Please check all information on these pages with your own collection and tell me if you have any corrections or additions. Especially look through my help-page.

Hugh Hopper upcoming releases.

If you want to know more about Hugh Hopper please check these pages:

The Hugh Hopper Profile on Calyx


I'd like to thank

  • Aymeric Leroy, who maintains the excellent Canterbury Discography
  • Julian Christou, who made the first Hopper discography on the internet (unfortunately disappeared).
  • Hugh Hopper for putting a sessionography on Musart
  • Mike King for writing the excellent Wrong Movements
  • Ken Garner, Dan Kurdilla and Michel Ramond for additional information.

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