Hugh Hopper - Albums

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All albums in the Hugh Hopper discography


1962-1963Various ArtistsCanterburied Sounds Vol. 3
1962-1964Various ArtistsCanterburied Sounds Vol. 1
1963Daevid Allen TrioLive 1963
1965-1969The Wilde FlowersThe Wilde Flowers
1968The Soft MachineThe Soft Machine
1969Various ArtistsCanterburied Sounds Vol. 2
1969The Soft MachineVolume Two
1969The Soft MachineLive At Paradiso
1969Syd BarrettThe Madcap Laughs
1969The Soft MachineSpaced
1969Kevin AyersJoy Of A Toy
1969-1971The Soft MachineThe Peel Sessions
1970The Soft MachineNoisette
1970Kevin AyersSinging The Bruise
1970The Soft MachineThird
1970The Soft MachineFacelift
1970The Soft MachineLive At The Proms
1970The Soft MachineFourth
1971The Soft MachineBBC Radio One Live In Concert
1971The Soft MachineVirtually
1971-1972The Soft Machine5
1972The Soft MachineLive In France
1972The Soft MachineBBC Radio One Live In Concert
1972Hugh Hopper1984
1972The Soft MachineSix


1973Stomu Yamash'ta & East WindFreedom Is Frightening
1974Hugh HopperMonster Band
1974Stomu Yamash'ta & East WindOne By One
1974Robert WyattRock Bottom
1974Robert WyattLas Vegas Fandango
1975IsotopeDeep End
1976Gary WindoHis Master's Bones
1976Hugh HopperHopper Tunity Box
1976Hopper/Dean/Tippett/GallivanCruel But Fair
1977Hopper/Dean/Tippett/GallivanMercy Dash
1977Carla BleyEuropean Tour 1977
1978Soft HeadRogue Element
1978GilgameshAnother Fine Tune You've Got Me Into
1978Soft HeapSoft Heap


1980Hopper/GowenTwo Rainbows Daily
1981Gilli Smyth & Mother GongRobot Woman
1983Hopper/SinclairSomewhere In France
1983Hugh HopperParabolic Versions
1983Robert WyattWork In Progress
1984Hugh HopperHugh Hopper & Odd Friends
1985Pip PylePip Pyle's Equip' Out
1985Phil MillerCutting Both Ways
1985-1986Patrice MeyerDromadaire Viennois
1986AnaidVetue de Noir
1986-1989Phil MillerIn Cahoots Live 86-89
1987Hugh Hopper BandAlive!
1989Hugh Hopper BandMeccano Pelorus
1989Oh MoscowOh Moscow


1990Hugh HopperHooligan Romantics
1992Short WaveLive
1992Daevid AllenTwelve Selves
1995Various ArtistsUnsettled Scores
1994ConglomeratePrecisely The Opposite Of....
1994Hopper/KramerA Remark Hugh Made
1994Richard SinclairR.S.V.P.
1994Hugh Hopper BandCarousel
1994Pip PyleSeven Year Itch
1995Caveman Shoestore feat. HopperCaveman Hughscore
1995MASHUElephants In Your Head?
1995KramerStill Alive In 95
1996HughscoreHighSpot Paradox
1997Dean/Hopper/Clarke/KnightThe Mind In The Trees
1997Hopper/S KlossnerDifferent
1997Hopper/S KlossnerCryptids
1997HughscoreDelta Flora
1998Ponsford/Knight/Hopper/ClarkeThe Swimmer
1999CaravanAll Over You Too

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