Steve Hillage - Fish Rising


  1. Solar Musick Suite (16.55)
    A. Sun Song (I Love Its Holy Mystery) (6.15)
    B. Canterbury Sunrise (3.25)
    C. Hiram Afterglid Meets The Dervish (4.05)
    D. Sun Song (Reprise) (3.10)
  2. Fish (1.23)
  3. Meditation Of The Snake (3.10)
  4. The Salmon Song (8.45)
    A. Salmon Pool (1.17)
    B. Solomon's Atlantis Salmon (2.08)
    C. Swimming With The Salmon (1.37)
    D. King Of The Fishes (3.43)
  5. Aftaglid (14.46)
    A. Sun Moon Surfing (1/36)
    B. The Great Wave And The Boat Of Hermes (1.51)
    C. The Silver Ladder (0.40)
    D. Astral Meadows (2.01)
    E. The Lafta Yoga Song (2.42)
    F. Glidding (2.23)
    G. The Golden Vibe/Outglid (3.33)
All songs written & arranged by Hillage, except track 2: additional arrangements by Dave Stewart

Steve Hillage - gitfish, fishy hymns
Pierre Moerlen - batterfish, drum, marimba, darbuka
Dave Stewart - orgone, pianofish
Mike Howlett - bassafish
Lindsay Cooper - bassoonafish
Moonweed (Tim Blake) - synfish, Moog, bubblefish, tambura
Bloomdido Glid De Breeze (Didier Malherbe) - saxofish, Indian floot
Bambaloni Yoni (Miquette Giraudy) - fish tales, fish scales, fish bells

released in 1975