Copyright notice

I have used several sources for the information on this website, including other sites, books, people who were so kind to send me information about albums and artists and the artists themselves.

I am not aware of any written text on my site that is copyrighted. However, if you think you own the rights to a text on this website and you feel it should not be here (or should at least have your name/company on the side) let me know and I'll remove it or update the page.

As of today (8th of June 2003) I have several (lots of) pictures added to my discographies, most of them from my personal archive, but also a couple from CD booklets, albums and books.

Again, if anyone owns the copyright to these pictures and feels offended by me using them, let me know and they'll be removed.

Please send an email to this address and specify which text or images are copyrighted.