Canterbury MP3s

Update: February 27th 2002


Elton Dean/Mark Hewins

  • He Who Dares (8.4 Mb)

    From Elton Dean - Two's and Three's (Voiceprint 1995 CD)
    Recorded 1988, Mark Hewins - guitar, Elton Dean - saxello
    © 1995

    In the late eighties Elton Dean released a couple of audio cassettes called Duos, Trios & EDQ Live. Duos contains duos with Mark Hewins, Paul Rogers, Keith Tippett, Howard Riley & Marcio Mattos. Trios: Marcio Mattos, Howard Riley, John Etheridge, Fred T. Baker & Keith Tippett. The EDQ was Elton Dean/Paul Dunmall/Paul Rogers/Tony Levin.

    In 1995 Voiceprint released Two's and Three's, a CD with selected tracks from all three cassettes. One of the best tracks from that CD is now avaliable for donwload here at Hulloder. Another Dean/Hewins duo-track (from the Duos cassette) is scheduled to be released on More Than (Cuneiform Records).

  • Sylvan (10.1 Mb)

    From Elton Dean & Mark Hewins - Live London (unreleased)
    Recorded at the Jazz Café, London, 11/1992, Mark Hewins - guitar, Elton Dean - saxes
    © 1992

    Previously released on tape.

    Visit the Elton Dean discography: EDD
    Visit the Elton Dean homepage @ Musart: EDH

    Mark Hewins

  • White and Black (0.4 Mb)

    From Mark Hewins - Big Spaces (unreleased 1999)
    Recorded 1999 at Musart, Mark Hewins - guitar, devices
    © 1999

    A small loop from Mark's second (unreleased) solo-album. Ambient.

  • Skylines (2.5 Mb)

    From Mark Hewins - Coloring Book (unreleased 1999)
    Recorded 1999 in Nashville, Mark Hewins - guitar, devices
    © 1999

    Mark Hewins went to Nashville to record his third solo-album. At this time there are no plans of releasing the album officially, but one track is for download here at Hulloder.

    Mark Hewins/Daevid Allen

  • Duetto (1.8 Mb)

    Recorded live in Mexico City, June 7th 1999, Mark Hewins - guitar, Daevid Allen - guitar
    © 1999

    Mark Hewins toured with Gong last summer. This is a small piece recorded during that tour.

    Mark Hewins/Hugh Hopper

  • Snake River (4.8 Mb)

    From Hopper/Hewins - Adreamor (Impetus 1995)
    Recorded live at the Vortex 3/4/1994, Mark Hewins - guitar, Hugh Hopper - bass
    © 1995

    Hopper/Hewins duo-album, sounds a lot like MASHU.

    Lady June

  • Rebela (2.3 Mb)

    From Lady June - Rebela (unreleased 1999)
    Recorded 1997/1998 at Musart,
    Lady June - poetry, Bob Loveday - violin, Graham Clark - violin, Jim Dvorak - trumpet, Phil Miller - guitar, Steve Miller - piano, Mark Hewins - guitar drone, acoustic guitars, Shyamal Maitra - percussion, Pete Brown - bells, cups & rainstick, Daevid Allen - sampled glissando guitar, Paul Bhattacharjee, Galen Ayers & Miranda B - voices, Donna Matrix - carpet toys
    © 1999

    The late Lady June left a great unfinished masterpiece: Rebela, an autobiographical fairytale for grown-ups. Recorded at Musart Studios, it features many familiar musicians in the Canterbury field and beyond. Unfortunately there are no plans for a CD-release. In the meantime tracks will appear here for free download as soon as their mixes are finished...

    Visit Lady June's homepage @ Musart: Lady June Homepage
    Visit the Rebela site: Rebela page


  • Chariot (5.1 Mb)

    From MASHU - Elephants in Your Head? (Voiceprint 1996 CD)
    Recorded 1995 somewhere in France,
    Shyamal Maïtra - percussion, MIDI devices; Hugh Hopper - bass, fuzzbox; Mark Hewins - guitar, MIDI devices
    © 1996

    MASHU released only one album. This is the second track.